Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Rocket Fuel

I've been updating my website (at and realized that I hadn't linked to my poem Rocket Fuel, which was published in Star*Line 40.3, but not available to read there. So, here it is. By the way, my parents never said the last line to me, but I know they worried.

Rocket Fuel

If music fueled the world
you could sing
in your car and drive
as long as you could.

Driving cross-country might prove
to be exhausting, but
you could ask hitchhikers
to play for their ride.

Starships could hire an orchestra
or a choir to play or sing
around the clock - what a gig
that would be, to see

new worlds and make music
all day. Musicians finally getting
their due and no father
or mother would ever say,

Get a real job!”

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