Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Civil Ceremony

Magnus and I got married in a civil ceremony on Saturday, May 27! We had stepped up our plans to do that considerably in order to facilitate getting my visa for the UK. We had thought the ceremony would be very brief, especially since we weren't exchanging rings or anything, but it ended up being almost an hour and quite lovely as a result of a few things. First, my friend Pamela came to Bussolengo from Frankfurt to be my witness. Since she speaks no Italian at all, we needed a translator. Manon, Magnus' sister, served as Interpreter. She did a great job, but it made the whole thing twice as long. Second, the man who married us read a poem, on married couples, by Khalil Gibran from his book The Prophet (the English version was then read by Manon). It's a beautiful poem and I'll try to post it here soon. He then gave a little sermon of sorts (translated by Manon), sharing his thoughts on the meaning of the poem. It was lovely.

Oops! I got a little ahead of myself! The day started at the crack of dawn - Magnus and I, Manon and M's mother, Franca had an appointment at the hairdresser's at 7:30! It was a struggle, but we weren't too late. And the place was already full, basically!!! We were there till almost 10:30! I got a color rinse, got my hair cut and styled and it looked great - quite cute with an up-flip. We raced home and got dressed - the ceremony was at 11:30!!! Pam came over and we took a few quiet minutes where she presented me with what my Prosperity girls (she, Sandra and Caroline) had prepared for me on my wedding day: They had made a collection of many things old, and or blue (which were, of course, borrowed) and Pamela had bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers (which served as the thing "new") from all of them! It was so sweet and really touched my heart. It was the perfect thing in the hecticness of the morning.

I'm not positive, but I believe we actually made it to the city hall on time, Magnus and I. And believe it or not, it was Magnus' father who we waited for! In addition to Magnus, Pamela and I in attendance were: Franca and Luigino (M's mom and dad), Manon (sister), Magnus' nonna Gina (grandmother), Magnus' witness, boyhood friend Raffaele and his wife Anna. I wish my family could have been there.

After the wedding we drove to Villa Amistà,which is a 5 Star hotel and spa near Bussolengo in the Valpolicella wine region. As you'll see, it is incredibly beautiful. Recently restored and decorated with modern art and design furnishings. It's a stunning combination.

Normally the restaurant isn't open at lunchtime on Saturdays, however, Magnus' mother told them I was a famous singer, wanting to celebrate somewhere where I could go incognito! Isn't that a hoot?!? Unfortunately, I didn't know until we'd been there about a half hour or I would have played it up a bit! LOL! As it was, I noticed the staff looking at me kind of intently, but chalked it up to them being solicitous to the bridal couple! But they were too discreet and and no one asked for an autograph. Darn. :-)

Here's a link (copy it into your browser) to a of Magnus and I at the Villa:


The meal was spectacular! At the dessert Magnus and I cut it together as if it were a wedding cake, but before we did that, Magnus presented me with a new "engagement" ring! He'd bought a beautiful, classically set diamond ring while he was in Hong Kong. I was completely surprised and very moved. He had asked me what my ring size was while he was there, but then dissembled by saying they hadn't had anything he liked in my size! I can't really be upset with him for being such a bald-faced liar!!!

We got a tour of the hotel facilities, and saw a few of the fancier rooms. They are so colorfully and fancifully decorated it seemed as though you were in a child's playroom - delightful!

Later on that evening Manon had arranged for some friends and cousins to meet for Prosecco at a place near Lake Garda. After that, we went to a Disco, which was fun. We (and everyone else) sang and danced to Italian hits. We got home around 4 am! Pamela had to be at the airport at around 6:45, so we got about 2 hours of shut-eye before taking her there. Even though it was short, I'm so glad she was there.