Monday, February 27, 2012

Urchins, while Swimming by Cat Valente live in Podcastle

A wonderful story by Cathrynne M. Valente was given to me to narrate for Podcastle . It's a wonderful modern version of the Rusalka story about a river nymph who entices men into the water.

There are lots of Russian names in the story and a lullaby to sing 3 times, by3 different female characters. I loved this story. It rolled right of the tongue despite the Russian (which I don't speak and don't know the rules of pronunciation for) and is beautifully written. It packs a bit of an emotional punch too. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's the link: Urchins, While Swimming
Or download it at iTunes.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Tales to Terrify

The StarShipSofa Podcast magazine has recently launched (on Friday the 13th...of January) a sister podcast featuring all things creepy and horrifying - Tales to Terrify. The podcast's host, Larry Santoro, is perfect for this project and does a fantastic job. The show will include fiction, poetry and fact articles (just like StarshipSofa), like 'Tour of the Abattoir' by Mike Allen. It should prove capable of making you shudder and populating your nights with the stuff of nightmares.

This week features a story that I narrated by Tim Waggoner - "Unwoven". It's a short little story about a woman who wreaks havoc with the world by killing a spider. Also included is a poem by Maria Alexander, whose poetry collection - At Louche Ends - is up for a Stoker Award and fiction by Kim Newman. Enjoy!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Poetry Planet No. 5 Time Travel Part 1

The 5th installment of Poetry Planet has gone live! This one is on the theme of Time Travel and is the first of 2 parts. Find it here.

Poetry by:

Rachel Swirsky, Things to Pack for my Trip Through Time
Bruce Boston, Polar Chronologies
Sandra Lindow, An Introduction to Alternate Universes: Theory and Practice
G. O. Clark, Looking to the Past
G. E. Schwartz, Centering; and Intermediary
  • Only Others Are: poems and Living in Tongues: poems, from Legible Press
Michael Fosburg, Illo Tempore

Laurel Winter, Time Travel Verb Tenses
 Go in droves!

In Poetry News: