Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Amazing Stories: Poetry Round-up April 2014

Just in time for National Poetry Month I've had another stroll through the interwebs in search of great poetry for my bi-monthly Round-up on Amazing Stories Magazine. Great SF poetry, that is. But there's also quite a bit of good poetry, full stop. Head over and read it here, please! Here's a teaser:
April is National Poetry Month (NPM)in the US. It always seems to catch me unaware or at least a little inaccessible. And this year I’ve been taking a quasi sabbatical from FaceBook through Easter, and so I haven’t been hyper tune-in to all things trivial and important lately, including NPM. It’s been pretty liberating, I must say, turning off FaceBook notifications on my phone and only checking in briefly in the morning and when I have something like this blog-post to promote. But I didn’t want to let April slide by (again) without doing my best to promote a bit of poetry. And there’s lots going on in genre poetry for NPM. I hope I’ll be able to point you in the direction of something that takes your breath away, gives you chills and perhaps even makes you chuckle.

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