Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Amazing Stories: Poetry Review - Blue Sunset by Mary Jo Rabe

I review an interesting collection of linked poetry about the first colony on Mars in this week's installment at Amazing Stories: Blue Sunset, by Mary Jo Rabe.

Here's a snippet:

I “know” Mary Jo Rabe through the Science Fiction Poetry Association, but only in the virtual sense. Because she also lived in Germany, where I was at the time, I struck up a conversation with her. It turns out we had several things in common: Being from Iowa (well, I was born there and have extended family there) and my aunt’s name is Mary Jo. Mary Jo the SF poet from Iowa and living in Germany is a warm, open and engaging person and those traits come out in her poetry.
You'll have to go to Amazing Stories Mag to read the actual review and hear the poetry - I hope you will! These are very enjoyable poems. If you liked The Spoon River Anthology and you like people, you'll like these poems. No interest in Mars or Science Fiction necessary...

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