Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazing Stories: Review - Mythic Delirium No. 30 - a Transition

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I'm back with another article on Amazing Stories. Read it here. Here's a little excerpt:
This time around I’m doing something different and reviewing a single poetry journal. But this isn’t just any magazine. This is Mythic Delirium edited by Mike and Anita Allen, a print magazine, which has been published for 15 years - a good long time – and which will cease to be a print journal and transition fully to an online ‘Zine, with this, its 30th issue.

They have put together a retrospective celebration of sorts. Mike says in his editorial that Anita did the choosing and it couldn’t be a “best of” sort of issue – there were just too many poems to choose from – and too many good ones - but rather, her choices are meant to show the breadth and depth of poetry that has been presented in its pages since the beginning.

There are also 4 poems that I recorded especially for this review and a couple of other links as well. I also included some of the poet's thoughts on their poem in this issue and how they feel about Mythic Delirium transitioning to a digital only journal. I wanted it to be a sort of celebration of a wonderful print run for genre poetry!


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