Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm a poet. I didn't know it....

...until today that is!

I'm am now an officially published poet! You can go read the lovely thing, titled "Orbit" here.

This is my (so far) one and only completed poem. Maybe I'll write more. Now that I've started - why not?

One of my acquaintances from the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Chris Vera, is someone whose sentiments closely match mine. We see each other's updates on FaceBook. Chris saw my post about my mother selling the house she's lived in for 40 years. The house that my brother and I grew up in. He said, "You should write a poem about that" (or some such). I said, "I don't write poetry". He said, "Try!". So I did. Chris has been very encouraging in the process and helpful in his guidance, but not intrusive. I asked a few other people to read it and give their critique, which was also a good thing.

I hope you like it.