Friday, November 22, 2013

Poetry: Scream Day, by William Markly O'Neal on Tales to Terrify

This weekend is big in all things Poetry with DivaDiane!

First, we have a poem I recited for the podcast Tales to Terrify. "Scream Day", by William Markly O’Neal, in which I scream and scream and scream and say some other words as well. It took me a long time to get this poem recorded well. My mic couldn't take the screaming and I'm not really a screamer, I'm a singer, after all. But I got a new mic - a Blue Snowball and it's great! I turned down the input volume and screamed away. I hope you enjoy it. You can go to the Tales to Terrify website and stream it there or download it or listen through iTunes.

Second, there's a new article of mine coming out tomorrow on Amazing Stories Magazine. Normally, it would've come out today, but we were having some issues with my access to the WordPress site and I wasn't able to upload everything myself, so it fell to publisher, Steve Davidson and he is a very busy guy. Anyway, keep an eye out for it then, the posts go up at about 11am or pop back over here tomorrow for the direct link and a little bit of exclusive info about it here!

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