Friday, November 08, 2013

Amazing Stories: Speculative Poetry Round-up October/November 2013

My latest blog post on amazing stories mag has gone live! As the title of this post indicates, it's all about the genre poetry you can read all over the web. It ranges from FanZines to professional journals, from the weird to science fiction and everything in between. Here's a snippet:

Hi there, genre poetry lovers! Here we are and it’s already November. In lieu of a review or interview this week, I’d like to present you with another round-up of the speculative poetry I’ve found online in the past month or so. It’s not all super current, meaning that you could’ve read some of this poetry months or even years ago, but I just found it, or was reminded of it, so maybe you haven’t seen it before either?

 * * *
How did I not know that Strange Horizons actually does a genre poetry podcast?! Anaea Lay, their poetry editor, has done a podcast of the poetry from the Indian issue, which appeared the last week of September 2013, and all of the poetry from October 2013. Poetry by Shweta Narayan, Marchell Dyon, Margarita Tenser, April Grant, and Richard Prins is featured, and you can also read everything on the Strange Horizons website.

Read the whole post here! If I missed anything put it in the comments on Amazing Stories!

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