Friday, October 11, 2013

Amazing Stories: Review - Unexplained Fevers, by Jeannine Hall Gailey

My next article on Amazing Stories has gone up. This time it's a review of a wonderful collection of poetry by Redmond, Washington, USA's Poet Laureate Jeannine Hall Gailey entitled "Unexplained Fevers".

All of the poems in this collection are in some way or another about Fairy Tale Characters. Here's a snippet:

--> This is a collection about the “heroines” of Fairy Tale, Myth and other stories of the Collective Consciousness. I put quotes around heroines because they often aren’t in Gailey’s poetry. She makes them real people, with foibles and flaws. She takes familiar characters and gives them a back story or spins the story along after the “Happily Ever After” of the original (or Disney version!) is a popular convention among poets. I’ve reviewed two such collections here on Amazing Stories ("Out of the Black Forest" by F. J. Bergmann and "Villains and Heroes" by Mary Turzillo) and you’ll see it...For the full text please go to the post at Amazing Stories Mag. There are 5 poems from the collection to listen to which I recorded and 2 others that you can follow links too. I hope you enjoy the article and the poems.

You can also hear Jeannine read from her forth-coming collection and Unexplained Fevers on the Jack Straw Podcast.

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