Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Survey about Poetry Planet

If you follow this blog you'll know what Poetry Planet is. If not, I suggest you go back to a previous post about it to find out.

I've been wondering how many people actually listen to Poetry Planet and what people think of it since it began. I suppose that no news is good news, but maybe people can't be bothered to even listen and then have nothing to say about it, of course.  Naturally, a poll about it isn't likely to entice those who don't care about it to respond, but I'm really just hoping for a sign from people who do! It's lonely out here in Cyberspace!  Here it is:

Click here to take survey

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ExpatPaul said...

Maybe I'm missing something (it's possible - it's been a long day), but when I clicked on the link it just took me to the SureveyMonkey front page.

For the record, I do like Poetry Planet. I'm not usually a big fan of poetry but your selections are varied enough that even a hardened prose fan such as myself can always find something to enjoy.

Keep up the good work

Diane Severson said...

It would probably be better to include the weblink, instead of just the embedded survey. I'll change that! Thanks for the feedback!