Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Poetry Planet No. 2 - First Contact - LIVE!

The second edition of Poetry Planet for my favorite podcast, StarShipSofa, went live today! To listen to it and also the first episode go here.

This is a long one! 30 minutes! But it's chock full of poetry goodness! 10 poets are represented with their offerings on "First Contact". And quite a wide variety of imaginings they are! That sounded a bit like Yoda. Here's the illustrious list and links to their websites, blogs etc:

Scott Green - "First Contact"
Green Genre Poetry and
Poetry in Manchester

Mike Allen - "The Thing in the Gutter" and "On Discovery of a Habitable Planet"
Mythic Delirium

Ann K. Schwader - "The Ones Who Met Them"
Yaddith Times LiveJournal

Dennis M. Lane

Marge Simon

David Kopaska-Merkel

Dreams and Nightmares magazine

Elizabeth Barrette
PenUltimate Productions Website
Wordsmith's Forge LiveJournal

Mary Turzillo

Rich Magahiz
Poem "Your Color Palette 2011"

Larry Santoro
Bluffton in the Driftless

I hope to be able to make announcements of poetry events, awards, contests and the like at the end of each show. This time we have:

The Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection


The Rhysling Award Candidates




Steve said...

Diane, I listened to StarShipSofa today, that was amazing. Poetry on the printed page never really works for me, but the audio podcast format really brings it to life. Thanks

Diane Severson said...

Great Steve! I'm really glad you enjoy it and if it helps more people appreciate poetry, all the better. Thanks!