Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Report: Raggio di Sol - Gottesdienst and rehearsal weekend

OK, so it's not such a big deal singing in a church service with a choir, but I did want to report that it went quite well. Unfortunately, the church was practically empty. Germany went to Daylight Savings time in the night and so it was pretty tough getting there myself especially since we had to be there an hour in advance to rehearse. I was very glad to see two of my dearest friends in Hannover, Isabel and Kristina, even an hour late. At any rate, I'm very pleased with our performance, which bodes well for more important concerts in June (Pentecost Monday) and in September (a big benefit concert).

Besides performing in the church service we rehearsed both Saturday and Sunday for upwards of 6 hours. Actually Saturday it was more like 8 with a long lunch break! We worked hard on the Monteverdi madrigals and other larger works we'll be singing. Alfredo has decreed we'll be singing lots of the program from memory. The Monterverdi madrigals will be easy enough to memorize, it's the stuff with multiple verses I have trouble with. I'm the queen of mix-and-match verses as my colleagues from Elysium can attest. I hope I manage!


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