Thursday, October 28, 2010

Masterclasses in Europe with Carol Baggott-Forte

Every time I check the stats on my blog (their not impressive to anyone but me, trust me) I see that one of the posts that gets the most hits is one about a masterclass I took with Carol Baggott-Forte. I'm sure these hits are mostly from people trying to find info on her current schedule and for some reason they think they'll find that information here. And as a result, I'm happy to oblige!

Carol will be teaching on the following dates:
23 – 27 November 2010, Iserlohn, Germany
30 Nov – 04 December 2010, Berlin
16 – 20 February 2011, Lyon, France
23 – 27 February 2011, Paris

More dates might be forth-coming, so I would recommend you go to Carol Baggott Forte's Masterclass website La Voix Liberee, where all the rest of the pertinent information can be found.

It's a little late in the game, so it might be hard to get a spot, especially at the classes in Germany, but it's definitely worth a try! I, myself, will be attending the class in Iserlohn. My first trip overnight sans baby! I'm excited, apprehensive and really looking forward to the work with Carol! She's the best there is!

See you there?


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