Tuesday, August 31, 2010

National Buy a Book Day - September 7!

Hi Everyone!

I'm a member of a couple of groups over at GoodReads.com and recently one of the members of Beyond Reality posted an idea of his: National Buy a Book Day.
We all know bookstores (brick and mortar ones anyway) are in trouble. Publishers and authors are having trouble. I love books. I have way too many of them. Wait a minute! Is that possible? Well, I barely have space for all my beloved books. Nonetheless, I would dearly love to support my favorite bookstore (A Room of Her Own) in Madison, my home town, but I'll have to settle with a bookstore here in Germany.

The idea is that you go to a real bookstore on September 7 and buy a new, full-price book. That's all. It's that simple. It can be any book, any price, but it should be new and not a mark-down, so that bookstore, author and publisher all garner the maximum profit from the sale.

If you want to read more go here. And if you want to help the initiative (which is the brain-child of one average Joe - Philip Athans - not anyone who really stands to profit from it), then post about it on your own blog, re-tweet it, link to it and mention it on any forums you might visit between now and then. I'm going to!

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Unknown said...

pish, who buys real books anymore..besides me...