Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lord Dickens' Declaration - benefit for Spider and Jeanne Robinson

Hi everyone! Trying to get this done from Italy has proven rather difficult, so I'm just going to cut and past the information gleaned from my buddy Matthew Sanborn Smith's blog. It's about the wonderful writer, podcaster and narrator Spider Robinson and his wife Jeanne. She is sick, and they have little money to pursue all the available options for treatment. Please continue reading:

"I need your help.

"Quickly: Science Fiction author Spider Robinson's wife Jeanne is fighting cancer and they're both fighting to pay the bills. 100% of any money used to purchase Larry Santoro's excellent e-book, "Lord Dickens's Declaration," will go directly to the Robinsons. Here's the link: http://www.starshipsofa.com/shop/lord-dickenss-declaration/

"Dec 31st is the last day that people can buy Larry's story. I'd like to end the fundraiser with a bang. Let's get the word out all over the web to let people know on December 30th, there's only one day left to help. Why December 30th? Because if there's only one day left people won't put it off and say, "I'll do it later. I still have time." Make sure you link to the purchase page!

"If you've got a blog, please use it. Tell your friends that are into speculative fiction ahead of time and ask them to blog as well. And let's ask the big boys to mention it, like BoingBoing, Gaiman, Scalzi, VanderMeer and whomever else you can think of. One last big push to help some good people in a bad situation.

"Please tell me what you've done here, even if it's just sending some e-mails or tweets. Or post a link here to your blogpost. And if you happen to get a confirmation from someone like Cory Doctorow, then the rest of us won't all be bothering him for the same thing.

"A few minutes of your time is all I ask and it could make a huge difference for the Robinsons. Thanks!"

A clickable link: Lord Dickens's Declaration


Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Diane, thank you, you're wonderful!

Larry Santoro said...

Thanks Diane. Have a grand time with the in-laws. Best for the New Year to you, Magnus and Dante.

And...I chuckle...the word verification code for this entry is SCOUSE. Tony'll appreciate that!