Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Warped Passages - the Opera?

I first heard about this project from Fred, a buddy from StarShipSofa, who is also a choral composer. He wrote a terse blog post about it, not giving much info so I went on a search.

Lisa Randall's own site doesn't say anything about the project, or at least I couldn't find any reference for it.

When I googled "Warped Passages opera" I came up with this. The opera will be called "Hypermusic Prologue - a projective opera in seven planes". Which is a strange title, but what do you expect from the intersection of opera and theoretical physics?

OK, so in case you haven't followed any of the links and haven't a clue what I'm talking about: Lisa Randall is a theoretical physicist who's written a book for the layperson explaining the theory of muliple dimensions, i.e. more than just the 3 we see. I read Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time when it came out about 15 years ago and saw the movie, really enjoying both. Randall's book sounds just up my alley. I'm interested in science but have a hard time grasping it, if you know what I mean. If someone can lead me to understand this stuff then I'm hooked - this is why I enjoy reading Science Fiction so much. They generally couch science in a story or prose and thus make it more palatable and with the imagery they create make it easier to understand. That said, the science in SF is not always real, but still.

Anyway, I love opera, I love science. I can't wait until this opera comes out. I hope it comes somewhere close to Hannover. Hamburg or Berlin would be good too. I'll be keeping you posted.


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Anonymous said...

This sounds like it will be absolutely amazing!