Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belcanto - La voce libera (or the singing seminar I'm organizing)

It appears that I haven't blogged about the progress of the seminar with Carol Baggott-Forte. Or indeed anything at all!  A gross oversight!

My teacher, Carol Baggott-Forte, who is one of the most advanced teachers following in Cornelius Reid's footsteps, is making a trip to Europe to teach classes for a few weeks. She normally resides near Niagara, Canada.  When I heard that she was planning to teach in France again for 2 weeks, I quick spoke to my colleague and fellow Reid-ite, Tobias Tiedge and we decided we should tried to get Carol to come to Hanover for a seminar at the same time (in order to consolidate costs of flights, etc.).  She said she was willing and we agreed she would come after her classes in France for a period of 3 days.

Tobias and I worked out the details, I created a poster and a brochure/registration form and we sent them out to all our contacts, put notices up on the 'net, hung the poster all over town and posted the notice on the German Functional Voice Forum on Yahoo. That was about a week before Christmas. 

There have been some minor bumps in the road along the way, but at the moment things look very good indeed. 

We have room for 10 active participants taking 2 or 3 lessons with Carol over the course of 3 days, and as of this writing we have filled the course. Our desire is to give preference to singers from Hanover, Berlin or Hamburg and/or to those who've never done this sort of work before. Unfortunately, we haven't had many random inquiries, but a couple.  The rest who've applied are all individuals who have either worked with Carol or Cornelius previously. 

Tobias and I are meeting today to work out final details and perhaps decide on the actual participants, considering we have one more applicant than there is capacity. Registration closes on Friday, so who knows who might still contact one of us.


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