Friday, June 20, 2008

weddings galor!

No, not mine - I'm already married! Rather, everyone we know who's not, decided to this summer!  Luckily (!), they must have consulted with one another and have scheduled their weddings evenly paced so that we can attend (nearly) all of them.  

First, on June 1 was a lovely wedding in DC. A "school" friend (sort of, but it's a complicated story) of Magnus', Roberta and her (also) Italian boyfriend Andrea got married.  Andrea is a diplomat at the Italian Embassy in DC.  They have a lovely house, which we got to see.  The reception was held at the Cosmos Club, where we also had our accomodation.  The Cosmos Club is one of those typical old school clubs, the sort that only exist on the East Coast, if you know what I mean.

This weekend we're off to Florence/Arezzo, Italy for the wedding of a former colleague (Karlsruhe) of Magnus', Francesco.  

Mid-July my Prosperity friend, Sue and her fabulously lovely boyfriend of several years, Xavier are getting married on Sue's birthday in France (where Xavier is from).  That will be especially fun, because I'll get to see many of my Prosperity friends, whom I haven't seen in ages. Some of them are even flying in from the States so it will be extra-special. Lucky Sue!

At the end of July, long-time fianc├ęs Marzia and Beppe (originally Marzia was a friend of Magnus' but I've known her for years as well, since she lived in Karlsruhe. This one takes place in Cadore, Italy up in the mountains above Treviso.  I love that area.  There will be many Karlsruhe friends and I'll be singing during the ceremony too.  Fun, fun!

In August my cousin Mike is getting married. Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend that one - logistics make it just too difficult, never mind the expense of travelling to the States in August!

September marries my dear cousin Rose's daughter Theresa, who visited Magnus and I in Germany AND London.  I'm really hoping that at least I can attend this one, but Magnus already knows he can't.  Theresa asked me to sing and my mom will play the organ too, so that's extra incentive!

Phew! That's enough!

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