Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello! Sorry about the radio silence here!  I've been very busy with other things, not least with moving back to Germany!!!!

Yes, that's right.  Magnus was offered a very good job with E.on (a huge utility company) in Hanover and we decided to accept!  We have a one-way ticket to Hanover on 26 Jan!  It's so soon! And we only got final word just over a month ago! Arrgh!

We've had fun in London, but it's been quite frustrating for me professionally as you might have noticed from the decided lack of postings on performances. I've tried to keep myself busy doing stuff, but I'm a singer - darn it! I have to sing!

So, I'm confident I can get back into things back in Germany, where I know how it works and have a lot of contacts already.  Let's hope I'm right! I'm also planning on taking up teaching again.  I'm moderating a Yahoo!Group for teachers who use function as their basis for teaching voice, which is extremely valuable.  I'm also looking forward to being closer to 2 of my fellow Elysiae, Allegra and Amy, who live in Berlin.  And there are some things in the works with Elysium as well!

So, please stay tuned, subscribe to my Blog on this (or the main) page and you'll get a notification when I've posted. How cool is that? You only have to come by when you know I've written something!

Onward Ho!  

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