Thursday, September 23, 2004


I've been thinking about this blog: Although I'm often gone, I could use it to inform anyone who wants to know, what I'm up to. I think I will tell my family and friends about it. I wonder if I can link a Yahoo calendar to it? Hmmm.

I have been a travelling maniac lately, singing here and there. Since mid-August I've been in Berlin, Antwerp (Belgium - competition), Karlsruhe (of course), Italy (Bussolengo) and Rheinland-Pfalz (for concerts). In the next few weeks I'll be in Rome (wedding!), Karlsruhe (I'm assuming), Magdeburg (concert), Dillenburg and Moers (concerts). In between of course I'm in Frankfurt, rehearsing and teaching. It's exciting to have so much work, but slightly exhausting!

This weekend should be mostly vacation. Friends from Karlsruhe are getting married in Rome - a German girl and Italian boy. I'm singing for the wedding - they chose The Bridal Chorus, by Wagner; Caro mio ben', by Giordani; Ave Maria, by Bach/Gounod; and Alleluia from Exultate jubilate by Mozart. It shouuld be fun. I'm glad that it's in Rome, which gives us the opportunity to see Eugenio, and Riccardo and Niki. Many from the karlsruhe Pirate Crew are coming, including those who have since moved to other parts of the world. I'm sure we will make Rome unsafe.

Next week, is a repeat performance of the Anne Sexton Project. First time was in Heidelberg, this time in Magdeburg. I'm singing 4 songs composed by the pianist especially for this project on poems by Anne Sexton: Young, Dead Heart, Old, and Killing the Spring. Between songs (and actually the bulk of the performance) an actress recites other poems with an improvized musical backdrop. It's a wonderful project and I'm so glad I'm part of it. We have 2 more performances scheduled, Oct. 29 (Moers) and Dec. 1 (Frankfurt).

Now it's time to go out and buy milk!

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