Thursday, September 23, 2004

"Day Off"

Oh, it's good to have a day "off" sometimes. It's not really a free day completely, but I only have one lesson to teach and that not until 2pm, so it sure feels like it.

I'm getting ready to leave for Rome, last minute laundry, tidying up the apartment so I don't come home to a pig sty, packing etc.

My assistant, Candy, is coming over later for a lesson and then I will put her to work doing the book keeping. I'll ask her to do a web search for gigging possibilities for Elysium also. It's a wonderful thing to have an assistant! However, I'm usually too busy to think of things she could do, or too much of a control freak to let her do certain things! But it's good for me, I don't have to control everything.... :-)

Magnus and Sandra are picking me up at around 5:15 to go to the airport. We are flying with Ryan Air, the cheap airline. Eugenio is picking us up in Rome and we'll go to dinner. Magnus and I are staying with him for the weekend.

I'll tell you all about it next week!

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