Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bad Blogger!

OK, it's been a million years since I posted to my own blog! Since the last post in March I've been pretty wrapped up in moving and getting settled in my new life.

Magnus and I moved to a small town near Heidelberg mid-March. However, by mid-May I had only spent all of 8 days in the new apartment! I had a few concerts (Telemann - St. Luke's Passion, Hildegard with the Schola from Dillenburg, Lady Chapel Singers in Frankfurt and Rome 2x, Monteverdi and Sch├╝tz in Wiesbaden), we went to Bussolengo for Easter and to Rome as well, I went to Canterbury, England with a group from church. Plus, I began my new teaching schedule, which is to teach two days a week in Frankfurt. Ideally, I would go up on Tuesday morning and come back on Wednesday night. However, that has rarely been the case. I still do quite a few things in Frankfurt (church, Prosperity, book club) and those activities have brought me to Frankfurt to stay longer than just the planned 2 days!

Since mid-May I've had a concert outside of Berlin with Elysium (minus Anna), moved out of my apartment in Frankfurt officially and began teaching at the Christ the King. I am on the Search Committee for a new Director of Music at the church and a few weeks ago we were really busy with meetings and auditions which unfortunately weren't successful. We have to start the whole process over again! Sigh.

Now I have a quiet period until September when all hell breaks loose! Magnus left for a 7 week stint in the US and Canada on July 9, so home will be kind of empty. But once he gets back then I have another concert outside of Berlin with Elysium (this time with Anna), we will be going to a friend's wedding in Puglia in Italy with a bit of vacation before hand, and the Ordo Virtutum with Stefan Morent is being revived for a concert at the Festival Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz. October takes me back to Dillenburg for a concert of a Mass put together of parts by various Bachs.

That's all for now!

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